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Investment Banking

Acquisition Search - David Brown's process for helping our Clients make acquisitions

Selling a Business - David's process for maximizing a seller's value through an energetic, time-bound sales process resulting in a competitive bidding result

Strategy and Restructuring

Red Hawk's Strategic Approach - Simple and direct issues-driven strategy development process

Taking Advantage of Opportunities in Sourcing - David Brown's how-to's for sourcing to reduce costs and working capital

A Supply Chain Rationalization Process - His methodology to examine and improve your company's supply chain

The Kaizen Process- David's succinct summary and steps for improvement

How to Reduce Expenses in Customer Service Operations - Based on David's study of a large credit card call center and service operation, tangible, real-world actions for you to take to reduce expenses and increase customer retention and wallet share

We Are in a Fight - How to Win It - Recently updated, David's seminal presentation on how to win in business today

Turnaround Advice for CEO's and Advisors - Hands-on how-to for leaders on how to lead a turnaround, including necessary analyses and schedules to prepare

A Lawyer's Guide to Turnarounds

The Debt Settlement Process - Step by step how-to about restructuring and settling past-due business obligations

How to Lend to Contractors - David's article about concerns bankers have with respect to lending to contractors and how those risks may be mitigated

Note:  please feel free to use the content of these presentations.  However, we ask you to attribute it to Red Hawk Associates.

Our Services
Investment banking: business sales, mergers and acquisitions, debt refinancing and financial restructuring
Consulting: strategy, profit improvement, turnarounds

July 22, 2011: 4 Ways to Improve the Value of Your Service or Tech Business:

1. Establish expertise in a large, valuable market (i.e. healthcare, financials services)

2. Maximize normalized EBITDA

3. Focus on the elephants, companies >$1 bn revenues

4. Develop and implement a professional marketing and sales effort

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