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Speeches/1-Day Projects

Presentations Already Baked - often with a healthy pinch of contrarianism

Strategy Evaluation: Are You Riding a Dead Horse?

Mergers and Acquisitions as a Strategy for Middle Market Companies: And What to Watch Out For...

Business Valuation Basics Applied

Product and Positioning Challenges and Solutions in a 2% GDP Growth Economy

Building a Stronger Team

Is Your Company Really Productive?

Turnaround Your Company: Creating and Sustaining the Energy of a Turnaround

Exit Planning

Marketing and Sales Development Requirements, If You Ever Want to Sell Your Business

Identifying and Avoiding the "Mendoza" Line to Improve Product and Account Profitability

Interaction Formats Include:

Lunch and Learn: A complimentary one hour brown bag lunch with David Brown (and sometimes with a Strategic Partner), discussion of the topic and active interaction with your team.  Each presentation can be expanded to a longer session, as well.

One-Day Project:  David Brown and Team convert each of the above topics into a mini-project during which one day is spent at your Company, interviewing key personnel, collecting data and sharing reactions with you at the end of the day. You then soon after receive a brief written summary of their findings, conclusions and recommendations.  You and your team get an outsider's perspective of your challenge and issue.

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