since 1998
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An effective debt restructuring can result in a significant creation of value for all stakeholders, compared to negative alternatives.  David Brown and his Team have been leading restructurings since the late 1980's (3 recessions ago as of 2014).  As an independent advisor, not being part of a bank, trading desk, accounting firm or other related service provider, Red Hawk can focus solely on the best result for its Clients.  

Red Hawk Experience

With operating businesses and Commercial Real Estate owners and lenders.

Restructuring Services for Borrowers

Red Hawk's Clients, who are borrowers, want to maximize the value of their assets while often preserving their control of the business. Red Hawk employs many techniques, all based on facts and analysis, to help them achieve this goal and others.  Generally, an out of court workout is the optimal path for a lower to middle market borrower to pursue.  

Case Study Example:  David Brown led the restructuring of debt (both secured and unsecured) of a lower market industrial firm, resulting in shareholders avoiding any dilution of their interest and preserving the business, in the best interest of all stakeholders.

Restructuring Services for Lenders

Red Hawk's Client's goal, if it is a lender, usually is to exit a credit as quickly as possible at the highest possible value. Red Hawk develops a plan, based on real world valuations and viability assessments of a borrower, then helps to execute and negotiate that plan with the various constituencies who can block a lender from achieving an optimal result. Typical services include:
  • Financial Advisor
  • Distressed Sales, in or out of formal insolvency proceedings
  • Interim management, CRO roles, Receiverships
  • Independent Assessments
  • Restructurings and refinancings
Case Study Example: David Brown led a consensual (lender and borrower agreed on this resolution) Article 9 sale under the Ohio Code, taking only 120 days from project start to closing, resulting in a purchase price multiple of EBITDA of more than 15X.
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