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Investment Banking Services

High-Impact Independent Investment Banking 

David Brown and Red Hawk are independent of any influences other than those of our Clients.  We are not part of a bank, accounting firm or large financial advisory firm.  As a result, we offer an unvarnished perspective, a diligent focus on Client needs and senior leadership of every project.

Our focus is on lower and middle market, privately owned businesses.

Investment Banking Services

Successful companies regularly revisit their corporate and portfolio strategy.  A mergers-and-acquisitions (M&A) strategy that is well thought out can be a source of competitive advantage and is an important part of any company's long-term value-creation plan.  As more and more companies take a systematic look at their corporate portfolios, divestitures—the selling off of pieces of the portfolio—are quickly rising to the top of the corporate agenda.  Especially when a company pursues opportunities for growth in uncertain situations, joint ventures and alliances become an increasingly important—and complex—part of corporate strategy.

M&A strategies involve regularly identifying attractive growth avenues through a carefully developed long-term value-creation plan and management of the end-to-end transaction process, from target screening to final integration.

Divestitures entail taking a systematic look at the corporate portfolio to determine which businesses no longer fit the strategic agenda of the company and subsequently pursuing the best approach for selling them.

Alliances and joint ventures include defining the strategic rationale of a partnership, identifying its appropriate organizational and governance structures, and managing it stringently to achieve the desired goals. 

Special Service Offerings and Notes:

Outsourced Corporate and Private Equity Firm/Family Office Transaction Origination Services
Red Hawk meets the needs of corporate Clients who are developing and implementing acquisition strategies to grow as well as the needs of private equity investors searching for higher quality deal flow. We source directly from targets as well as from a network of intermediaries and advisors.

For private equity professionals and business development groups, Red Hawk is a solution to a basic challenge – staying in the market – in the face of the many distractions such as tending to the operational and financial needs of existing portfolio companies, executing a transaction, refinancing a current investment, fund-raising, or generally running a business, that can take executives and principals away from generating new investment opportunities.

Red Hawk works closely with its Clients to develop reasonable transaction criteria, lead the search and target/intermediary interaction and as needed, analysis, modeling and negotiations of terms. We have deep knowledge of industrial, online and traditional business service markets.

We prefer to have a Client's existing accounting firm provide due diligence services related to a transaction.

As an advisor to investors, we think the following aspects of a possible transaction are what really matters:

  1. The long horizon matters
  2. Overpaying is the greatest risk to return
  3. Be able to sleep at night

Note: If you are considering selling your business, prepare your answers to these questions from a potential buyer:  

  1. Who is your management team and how good are they?
  2. How has the business performed financially in the past 3 years?
  3. How can it grow?
Selected Clients:
Kirkwood Holdings, Inc.
Fathom Online Marketing
Castle Island Partners

Sell Side Advisory Services

Selling one's business is the most important decision one will make.  Red Hawk strives to meet Client goals of price and timing of transaction closing. Our sales mandates have included many types:
  • Sale to a strategic buyer
  • Sale to a financial buyer, non-institutional
  • Sale to individuals or family offices
In addition, we have executed successful transactions in different manners including:
  • Ordinary sale of assets
  • Partial sale of stock of a business
  • Controlled auction of a business
  • Distressed sale, wide auction process
  • Article 9 sale
  • Section 363 sale 
Each assignment begins with an estimate of current value of the asset to be sold, a detailed discussion with the seller about how to proceed with the sale process, a clear understanding of their goals and commitment of resources to the project and the development of a marketing plan and marketing material.

We design the process to create a competitive bidding process to maximize value.

Red Hawk has a wide network of buyers, many of whom are looking for hidden gems of businesses that might appeal to a relatively small number of purchasers, but that have a high value.  

If you are considering selling your business, prepare your answers to these questions from a potential buyer:  
  1. Who is your management team and how good are they?
  2. How has the business performed financially in the past 3 years?
  3. How can it grow?
Selected Clients:
Custom Coach
Hough Bakeries
A Precision Machining Company

Capital Raising

Red Hawk has significant experience in helping businesses raise senior, subordinated and equity for both growth or restructuring purposes.  The debt markets are very active now and with collateral values improving as well as profitability, many companies can improve their capital structures and reduce their debt service cost.  

Selected Clients:
Precision Machining Business specializing in mining segment
Metal Treating Business
Precision Machining Company
Organic Products Company


Red Hawk's Strategic Partner, Brad Eldridge, leads most valuation activities. Brad has been serving Clients for more than 30 years and is a certified CPA/ABV and ASA.

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