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Red Hawk takes an issues-based approach to problem solving and issues resolution for its Clients. That approach demands that its project team collect facts with Clients, develop and test hypotheses and help them choose the right direction.  Red Hawk has a big toolbox of techniques and solutions with which to help Clients including:
  • Strategy development
  • Marketing analysis
  • Pricing 
  • SBU analysis
  • Six Sigma and cost of poor quality analysis and approach
  • Kaizen 
  • Organizational Development 
  • Global procurement and purchased materials and cost reduction
Red Hawk's team includes some of the best from large consultancies and F500 companies such as Michelin.

Case Study Example:  A multi-channel retailer (brick and mortar stores, big ecommerce effort, print catalogs) wanted a different perspective on SBU profitability.  David Brown and the Project Team found that 2 relatively new businesses would not succeed given the size of their markets and the necessary constraints on investment.  As a result, management redirected more efficiently their capital resources.

Turnaround Consulting

Since 1985, David Brown has been leading business turnarounds and know the steps and have the practical knowledge to succeed for his Clients.  The environment of a turnaround is different than a normal business improvement project in two major ways:
  1. Time is usually of the essence so analysis has to be quick and correct and decisions made
  2. The goals of many external stakeholders must be considered in analyzing the situation, developing and executing the plan
Because of these two factors, existing management teams usually have a huge hurdle to overcome to achieve a successful turnaround.

Red Hawk has a track record of helping management team's focus on the important issues, quickly collect the correct facts and develop and market a plan that makes sense and is fair to all stakeholders.  A plan that is not acceptable has no value.

Case Study Example:  A leading, lower middle market, industrial exporter suddenly ran out of cash, to the surprise of its shareholders who were faced with a capital call.  They asked Red Hawk to assess the true cash need, determine the reason for the sudden demand and to develop an opinion on the viability of the business and whether it was worth increasing an investment.  The Team accomplished those tasks quickly and then, once viability was established, worked out agreements with large secured and unsecured creditors to give the company time to turnaround and to cash flow.

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