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Red Hawk Associates Provides Investment Banking Services to Lower Middle Market Businesses Focusing on Founder or Family-Owned Firms

Red Hawk Associates' related lines of business provide investment banking services and debt restructuring and business turnaround services. David Brown leads Red Hawk, supported by a senior team of Strategic Advisors.

Current Projects Include:

We have these engagements now ongoing:
1.  Precision machining firms with Revenues $3-20M, special focus on swiss style machining
2.  Precision machining firms $1-2M Revenues, special focus on grinding and finishing
4.  Spring, Stamping and Wire Form manufacturers $3-25M Revenues
5.  Manufacturers of hand tools or small machines used in industrial, construction or automotive repair applications $2-10M Revenues. Ideal targets have name brands and other intellectual property
6.  Fastener makers $2-10M Revenues
7.  Plating or coating companies with $1-5M Revenues, 2 hour commute from Cleveland. 
8.  Digital marketing or data analytics firms
9.  Special situations, distressed opportunities
10. Medical products
11. Distributors/repair of medical devices
1. B to B industrial services company

Why Choose Red Hawk?  Two Primary Client Services Divisions and a Philanthropic Effort:

1. Investment Banking Services:

    a. Acquisition Searches for Clients
    b. Alliance and Joint Venture Searches
    c. Divestitures
    d. Mergers and Acquisitions Strategy Development

      Recent Announcements: 
2. Debt Restructuring and Turnaround Leadership and Consulting: 

    a. Shareholder and Senior Management Advisory Services
    b. Lender Advisory Services
    c. Debtor Representation
    d. Creditor Committee Representation
    e. C-Suite Leadership
    f. Strategy and operations consulting for senior management

David and his project team have learned the strategies and tactics that work in the real world to help our Clients. As an independent firm without conflicts, Red Hawk provides you more value for less of an investment.

3. David Brown and Red Hawk Philanthropic Efforts: We try to apply management science to solve problems to help in the following areas: 

    a. Empower the Poorest: Including by helping to improve access to higher education for high schoolers working at golf courses and private clubs: special focus on Georgetown University and Ohio colleges
    b. Create More Wealth in the American Economy: With a focus on improving economic education with special focus on modern monetary theory

David is also looking for opportunities, pro bono, to assist financially troubled non profit organizations.

Please contact David Brown to discuss anything related to the above initiatives, thank you.

Do You Need Assistance? Contact:

"I'm the only Mergers and Acquisitions advisor in Ohio who has the CTP certification. My team and I have helped numerous middle market buyers and sellers succeed. Please contact me at" Thanks, David Brown.

David Brown, Managing Director
Red Hawk Associates, Ltd.
P.O. Box 24905
Cleveland, OH 44124

Tel. 216/464-8714

Strategic Partners and Select Clients
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